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Pastor Jerry Thompson

Pastor Jerry Thompson

Senior Pastor/Co-Founder

Pastor Jerry has been preaching and pastoring in the ministry for over forty-five years.
He is from a line of ministerial ranks; his father and uncle were pastors and presiding district elders for over fifty years.  Out of thirteen siblings, he is one of the ten that is licensed and ordained in the ministerial order.  
Currently, he oversees two locations of NCCMI: the central location at 4918 Elder Street in Moss Point, MS, and the NE MS Division located at 17794 Hwy 46 in Cedar Bluff, MS.  He has served in the Harrison and Jackson County communities for over thirty years.   He serves as a short-term missionary in Tenali, India (and continues to support the Christian ministries in the area), Colombia, the Philippines, and many more. He works with Youth for Christ in the Gulf Coast area school districts, as well as the Jackson County Youth Detention Center. 

He is married to Diane Thompson.  They are blessed to have five children, two covenant sons, and seven grandchildren. He is a spiritual father and mentor to many others.

Lady Diane Thompson

Lady Diane Thompson

Women's Pastor

Lady Diane is a called and anointed minister of the Word, she serves as the pastor of the Women’s Ministry, Daughters of Sarah, at New Covenant Community Ministries, Int’l.  She also oversees the kitchen ministry, assists the video team for New Covenant, and is the food pantry director for Gulf Coast Community & State Services in partnership with NCCMI.
Many people have been blessed and inspired through her ministry.

Leadership: Team Members

Elder William &
Lady Alisha Biggs

Youth Pastor
Children & Youth Ministry

Minister Elijah Odom, Sr.

Minister Elijah Odom
Minister of Music 
Audio & Video Lead


Lady Terra Odom
Director of Admin Services & Financial Affairs
Worship Leader 
Virtual Church Coordinator

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Ministry Leaders

Leadership: About

The ministry is established on a biblical belief of plurality in its leadership.

The founding pastor and president, Board of Directors, and Board of Elders make up its primary leadership team.  

The team of leaders is primarily made up of licensed and ordained men and women. 


Leadership: Team Members
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